What to Shop During the Unique Festivals of Karnataka?

Unique Festivals of Karnataka

Karnataka has many rich festival heritages recognized by UNESCO. If you are a globetrotter, you must be thrilled to experience the uniqueness in festivals of Kannadigas. From calm rituals to grand ceremonies, you get to feel the happy vibes of Karnataka. Besides the show stealer ‘Bangalore and garden lights’, the unknown culture has fewer voices. To make justice to the lesser-known festivals, this post will virtually take you to the carnival-events of Karnataka. Yet, it’s probably not right to leave these places without a bit of shopping as there are an overwhelming number of best things to buy in Karnataka. As a matter of fact, the food and decorations that hold ancient traditional values and surprises. 

Easy shopping during crowdy festivals:

The Pattadakal dance festival is one such grand custom practiced as early in January in Karnataka which involves dance and craft mela. Pattakadal is the second capital of Chalukya with abundant artistic temples for Lord Shiva. Talented dancers from Karnataka and around the world flock together to celebrate the famous temples of the state. In addition to the dance, the crafts exhibition is a delight to the eyes. Of course, it is impossible to make easy shopping during festivals while you’re staying abroad. However, with ShoppRe, not only do you shop at ease but also get shipping discounts up to 80%. 

Festivals and Famous things to buy in Karnataka:

  • What to buy during the Hampi Festival?
  • What to buy during the Gowri Festival?
  • What to buy during Dasara?
  • What to buy during the Pattadakal Festival?
  • What to buy during any festival or season?

Aa) What to buy during the Hampi Festival?

Hampi Festival karnataka

Tributing the works of legendary poet Purandaradasa, the celebration is held featuring talents of Kannadigas in dance, art, and music. People from all over the world actively participate, escapading the grand happening. The Hampi Festival is a 3-day-carnival that typically happens either in the month of October or the following month.

If you love the folk style, you would love to see the Janapada Kala Vahini, a traditional folk concert. ‘Jambo Savarai’ is an event of elephants marching across the streets of Hampi. Fireworks and puppet shows are pure bliss to watch. Besides the entertainment schedule, there is an exhibition where you can buy souvenirs from Karnataka. However, if you can’t pay a visit during this carnival at Hampi, you can buy some crafts online to feel the festival.

  1. Jambo Savari Elephants

The rosewood craft is famous in Karnataka. Since the Hampi festival features elephants and the majesties, the rosewood elephant will be the best souvenir to buy at the Hampi festival. Purchase Rosewood Elephant Statues Online. Ship internationally the souvenir to your house and see the elephant woodwork marching on your shelf. Click here to view

  1. Carnatic Music

The music confines to 5 states of South India, originated from the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. The song will be a blissful present to your ears. This option should be in your playlist if you are a traditional music lover. Also, to set a divineful atmosphere, run the carnatic music in the background. Buy Carnatic Music Cds Online and sync with the melodic rhythm. 

  1. Wood Inlay Paintings

Wood inlays are the most common gifts bought from the Handicraft shops of Karnataka. The decoration is carved on Rosewood and final smoothening is done. The making involves delicate procedures of carving pockets on the wooden material (Statues, Plates) and filling them with some other material to give an exquisite look. Although the process might appear simple, the production of wooden inlays is tedious and time-consuming. Buy Rosewood inlays online and surprise your family with your artistic taste.

  1. Kinnal Craft

These are originated from the town of Kinnal near Hampi. The town of Kinnal is famous for Kinnal toys and crafts. In fact, Kinal craft is found to be the mother of invention of mural paintings in the Pampapateshwara Temple. Lightwood is used in the making of Kinnal toys. Turmeric seeds and pebbles are the components of glue. Initially, Kinnal wood toys depicting humans were widely sold. Now, the preference has been shifted to animals, birds and fruits. Buy Kinnal Craft Online and set a beautiful decoration in your living room.

Bb) What to buy during the Gowri Festival?

Gowri Festival karnataka

The gowri festival is a ritual for The goddess Ganga/Gowri, bestowing her courage and prosperity. As per the Indian traditions, the daughter-in-law visits the parent’s house on auspicious days. Likewise, the tradition unfolds the story of Goddess Ganga visiting her parent’s house. This is widely celebrated in Karnataka and many states of India, a day before Ganesh Chaturthi.

The day starts with new dresses and ends with dedicated prayer. After sculpting a little godly Gowry out of Turmeric, the statue is mounted on a Puja plate with Bagina (Offering to Goddess Gowri). One Bagina is kept for God and Newly Weds offer 16 other pairs to the married women as a tradition. Also, the married women receive pooja items and money from the family they were born in. Listed below are the things you can buy including the Bagina items for gowri festival online.

  1. Bagina Set / Sumangali Set

As mentioned earlier, this is the key aspect of the festival. A Bagina set includeds Turmeric packet, Vermilion, Mirror, Black Beads, Blouse Piece, Bangles Jaggery and cereals. Except for cereals, you can ship the set online to your house. If you haven’t prepared the basics for the festival, simply Buy Sumangali sets online from anywhere

  1. Goddess Gowri Figurines

Indeed, the Gowri Figurines are purchased in wholesale by the local shops for the Gowri Festival. The shopping near the local markets happens in hefty crowds to get the fine Idol of lord Ganga. The idols are sold in clay, wood, porcelain and metal. If you have missed your opportunity, buy Gowri Idol online and worship at your house. 

  1. Bangles

Bangles are the most auspicious present for the married women on this festive day. Glass bangles of stunning colors are a favorite choice of the people of India. During the special days, women love to groom themselves with bangles. Buy bangles online from Karnataka and be ethnic from anywhere.

Cc) What to buy during the Dasara Festival?

Dasara Festival karnataka

The name stands for itself. This is an a-ten-day festival and the 10th day is the most special of all. The Festival is celebrated for various reasons yet the most famous reason is the victory of Lord Durga against the demonic Mahishasuran. Dasara is celebrated grandly in Karnataka with firecrackers, dance, puppet shows, concerts, and many more.

The Mysore palace sparkles so bright that it’s radiance leaks into the surrounding lighting up the whole place with astonishing colors. The exhibition is held where the best Karnataka handicraft products are sold. If you are feeling unlucky that Cauvery Handicrafts Emporium is nowhere near you, you can still buy the best handicrafts in Karnataka online lying on your couch.

  1. Dasara Doll Set

During Dasara, the dolls are beautifully arranged over the tables and stories are narrated. If you haven’t set the Dasara table, buy the Dasara Doll Set online. A set can depict any ancient story from India. The scene involves trees, characters and accessories. Bobble head Indian toys are the additional specialities. 

  1.  Mysore Palace 

If you have been to the palace during nights, you can’t help but to stare at the royalty of the Palace. It’s unfortunate that one cannot own the place under the Karnataka government. However, there is a cheap and alternative way to still have it. Yes, buy Mysore Palace Replicas with lightings online. In fact, it would be the best thing to take from Karnataka as a souvenir.

  1. Navalgund Durries

Navalgund durries are woven Indian rugs that are known for their designs involving colors, geometry, animals, birds, and Trees. These are Manufactured from Navalgund and are available anywhere in Karnataka. The craft is inherited from the weavers of Bijapur during the Vijayanagar Empire. Buy Navalgund Durries online and ship them to your doorstep.

Dd) What to buy during the Pattadakal Festival?

Pattadakal Festival karnataka

The festival portrays the richness of Karnataka with intriguing talents. A celebration for famous temples attracts tourists from around the world. The beautiful carvings and vastness of temples are adored by the admirers. The largest known temples in Karnataka are Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna. This festival is where you witness the ‘best-ever-carnival’ with a craft world.

If you have a good eye for the home decor handicrafts, you can find plenty of them here. However, for those who cannot visit Pattadakal festival, the Karnataka handicrafts online shopping is put to the rescue. Given below are some of the best home decor handicrafts you will probably want to buy from Karnataka.

  1. Terracotta Wall Hangings

Anyone who likes quirky Indian home decor, will want to buy these Terracotta Wall Hangings.The theme of these wall hangings mostly depicts faces of people from India. The funky colours and designs will be an eye-catcher in your home. Buy Terracotta Wall Hangings online and ship them straight to your doorstep.

  1. Bidri Work

Being Originated in Karnataka, the Bidriware is famous all over the world. The craft has been in practice since the 14th century where the Bhamani Sultans ruled. From Bidri, one of the hilltop cities in Karnataka, the craft has been shipped worldwide. Techniques involved in Bidri Work are influenced by Persian art. The making involves 8 stages including moulding, designing, engraving, silver inlaying and so on. The shiny matte coated product with silver inlay is later put on the display. You can find bidri works in home decors  and kitchen ware. Buy authentic Bidriware from karnataka and ship internationally.

  1. Channapatna Lacquerware Toys

These toys are wooden dolls manufactured from Channapatna, a town in Ramanagara, Karnataka. The handicrafts theme involves caricatures, carts, animals, dancers and many more. This traditional craft has worldwide admirers and is shipped internationally. Owing to the popularity of the toys, the town earned the name ‘Gombegala Ooru’ which means Toy-Town. As a result of Tipu Sultan inviting Persian artisans to educate the local artisans, the Channapatna toys were born. Japanese toy making technology was also imparted in the process. Buy Channapatana toys online either as house decor or as the best gift gift for your kids.

  1. Karachi Embroidery

The embroidery work is a famous craft in India. In various exhibitions held in Karnataka, you can see Karachi embroidery bags, shawls, mats, etc. The different patches with stunning patterns tailored together to make beautiful accessories. Karachi Embroidery is also a best option for the home decor products. If you are unable to travel to see the finest craftworks, you can order them online to your home. Buy Karachi Embroidery works online and ship them to your home.

Ee) What to buy for any festival or season?

karnataka peda

Of course, the previously mentioned festive things can also be available during any time of the year. But they hold more specialty during the festival time. But When it comes to food and saree, do people really need reasons to shop? Go Karnataka online shopping for the best delicacies and gorgeous sarees.

  1. Mysore Silk Saree

Speaking of sarees, Mysore Silk Saree is the first thing that pops in your mind. The indegenious artwork reflects in these finest sarees. If you are a saree lover, the Mysore Silk Saree should be a mandatory wear in your collection. For traditional ceremonies and gatherings, wear Mysore Silk Saree and turn the limelight to you. The price of Mysore Silk Saree depends on the purity of the silk. If you prefer cheaper sarees, you can get them from Mysore Udyog LLP, Unnati Silks and Mysore Silk Emporium. Buy Mysore Silk Sarees online that are available in various price ranges.

  1. Ilkal Saree

This is one of the traditional outfits of Karnataka women. The saree features cotton in the body and silk wrap in the border. Uniqueness of Ilkal saree is from it’s technique called Tope Teni where the Pallu wrap joins body wrap with a series of loops. Usually, the Pallu Portion design is of red/ Maroon colour. There are a variety of traditional borders such as Jari, Gadidadi, Chikki etc. Main body design might contain stripes, rectangles or squares. Buy Ilkal Saree online and wear the weaved tradition.

  1. Coorg Spices

Coorg is the land of good quality robust spices. It’s also a place for the filter-coffee lovers. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to ship coffee powder internationally. However, you can still cook food in the fresh coorg spices available online. Buy Coorg spices online and ship them to your kitchen.

  1. Cashew Nuts

Cashew is one of the nuts that are massively produced in various places of Karnataka. These are the fast-selling nuts in the shops of Bangalore. You can snack them or top your dessert with roasted Cashews to elevate the taste. Buy cashew nuts online from Karnataka and ship them to your destination.

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