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Top Dish Wash Soap Brands in India

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How much time does it take for you to do the dishes? Or do you find it difficult to clean some stains and dirt? No matter what type of dirt you have on your dishes, we are sure Indian dishwash bars will get it done in no time as they are made to clean the toughest dirt from intense Indian cooking.

The whole world is familiar with the extravagant and lavish food that Indians are used to but along with all the great taste comes dirty dishes. These dirty dishes are not easy to clean, they have all the gunk of oil, spices, leftovers, and sometimes burnt utensils. So a tough dishwash bar is necessary to clean all the dirt on Indian dishes, therefore India produces such bars that can easily get rid of them. 

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People all over the world seems obsessed with Indian dishwash bars as we ship almost 80 kgs of bars from India to different parts of the world every week. And if you want to buy these efficient bars too, then you are in the right place. 

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What brands do our customers love to buy?

With a lot of brands and products available in the Indian market, an average buyer from other countries may get perplexed with choosing the right product. We have come up with a list of products that are high in demand and are shipped regularly. 

  • Vim Dishwash bar 

The Vim dishwash bar is famous for having the power of lemons to clean grease and stains from your utensils from heavy Indian cooking. It cleans the utensils well and also leaves a beautiful lingering fragrance behind. Click here to buy

  • Exo Touch and Shine Round DishWash Bar 

Everyone is familiar with this name as this is the most popular dishwash bar in India. It claims to clean the toughest of dirt and grease very easily without much scrubbing. Along with that, it is also an antibacterial dishwash bar that kills all the germs. Click here to buy

  • Pril Dishwash bar

The Pril dishwash bar will last you much longer than any other dishwasher bars. The cleaned utensils are healthy to use again for eating as it comes with advanced mineral power off lime and vinegar. It promises to kill all kinds of germs and bacteria on our utensils while removing all the dirt and grease. Click here to buy

  • Patanjali Tub Dishwash Bar

Patanjali is India’s indigenous favorite brand. It is more focused on the ancient methods of cleaning utensils which is with the help of ash. Therefore this dishwash bar has ash with lemons and other ingredients in it to give you a clean utensil. On the other hand, there are no chemicals, artificial fragrance, and bleach used in this bar so it is safe for your skin too. It is also an affordable dishwash bar which makes it so popular among people. Click here to buy

  • EXO Dishwash Steel Scrubber 

The EXO dishwash Steel scrubber is best for cleaning those tough grease stains on utensils which are often caused during high heat Indian cooking. It makes cleaning the utensils very easy and fast. Click here to buy

  • Hard And Soft Stain Scrubber Combo Scrub Pad

The hard and soft stain scrubber is best for daily use as it has both the hard and the soft parts to clean stains from your utensils. Use the hard part to clean tough stains and the soft part to clean other dishes which does not require scrubbing. This multifunctional scrubber makes your task easier. Click here to buy

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