Online shopping from India to Philippines

Online shopping India to Philippines

How to make online shopping from India to Philippines easy?

ShoppRe Parcels is making big changes in online shopping from India to Philippines with its outstanding quality and extremely affordable international shipping rates. Have a look!

International shopping from India to Philippines is not always easy. One can face many hurdles when they try to shop from India to Philippines from Indian online shopping sites. Not many Indian online shopping sites provide International delivery nor do they accept international cards for payment. 

So how can you do online shopping from India to Philippines? Continue reading to know more about ShoppRe’s exclusive features and benefits! 

Online shopping from India to Philippines with ShoppRe’s virtual shipping address 

What happens when you try to shop from Flipkart,, Myntra, Nykaa or any other Indian shopping portal? As an international customer, your address of the Philippines is not accepted. Many of these sites do not offer international delivery to the Philippines. 

You need an Indian address for placing your order from Indian online stores. ShoppRe Parcels gives you a virtual shipping address that you can use as your Indian address. So what is a virtual shipping address? It is a local Indian address that you can use to get your orders delivered in India. 

You get this for FREE upon signing up at ShoppRe Parcels. And once you place your order with our virtual shipping address, we will collect your order at our warehouse. We will then store it for you for FREE for up to 20 days in your personal locker. Yes, you also get a FREE 20-day locker service from us so that you can shop all you want.

Online shopping from India to Philippines with ShoppRe’s assisted purchase service 

We know shopping from the Philippines at Indian shopping portals can be a bit complex. And most people just quit due to its intricacy. They have to let go of their dreams of buying a traditional saree, an anarkali suit, or a designer Bollywood saree, just because they cannot pay through their international cards. 

But no more! ShoppRe Parcels brings you an amazing assisted purchase service through which you can place any number of orders from India. ShoppRe Parcels gives you the opportunity to have a personal shopper to assist you with your orders. They can also place your orders for you. 

What are the popular shopping sites in India?

It is true that Indians love shopping, it doesn’t matter if they are in the Philippines. In fact, they are more excited to shop for Indian things to bring back some memories and relive the traditions. The most popular shopping sites in India are Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, etc. So you can also taste Indian food or celebrate Indian festivals by shopping from these sites. 

Flipkart India online shopping for mobile phones

Mobile phones are another thing that people love to shop for. So if you want to buy a new phone but it is expensive in the Philippines, buy it with Flipkart India. Everyone knows that Flipkart gives unbeatable prices on mobile phones. So get your hands on a new mobile from Flipkart and we will ship it to you at your address within 3-6 working days.

Flipkart has many brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, etc. with a wide range of phones. So what are you waiting for? We are also offering up to 60%-80% low shipping rates from India to the Philippines to help you save a bit more.