Online shopping from India to Hong Kong

Online shopping India to Hong Kong

The best, cheapest and fastest way to do online shopping and shipping from India to Hong Kong.

India is widely known for its unique culture and variegated tradition throughout the world, so how can Hong Kong be left untouched from its ubiquitous influence? Thousands of shipments are made every year from India to Hong Kong by NRIs and foreigners alike. While NRIs shop for things that remind them of their home, whereas foreigners shop out of curiosity just to have a glimpse of our rich heritage.

Hassles of shopping from India to Hong Kong

But this beautiful experience of shopping from India can be tainted by many factors like hefty international shipping rates, late delivery, loss of packages or damaged items. Most of the time the famous Indian online shopping sites do not offer their delivery services internationally, which makes it even more difficult to shop from them as an international customer.

Shop from India and ship to Hong Kong

All of these hassles of international shipping are solved by ShoppRe- the best shopping and shipping service from India. We provide so many benefits to international shoppers who wish to shop from India and ship to Hong Kong. ShoppRe’s user-friendly website is very easy to use and gives reliable assistance to shoppers every time. 

Moreover, while shipping with us, you save up to 80% on international shipping rates. We deliver your order at your doorsteps in Hong Kong within 3-6 working days and you can also track it using the tracking number provided to you.

International shipping cost from India to Hong Kong

You can be completely assured that the international shipping cost from India to Hong Kong that we provide is the cheapest. With the help of our unique consolidation services, you pay up to 60%-80% low shipping rates. With these cheap shipping rates, go haywire with your shopping and buy everything you want from India and ship them to Hong Kong.

Cheap Indian online stores

Some of the cheap Indian online stores are Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Ajio, etc. They offer the best deals on Indian clothes, dresses, accessories, worship items, handicrafts, jewelry, etc. You can buy almost anything you want from these Indian online stores. So whether it is Diwali, Rakhi, Holi or Onam, you can celebrate these auspicious Indian festivals in style wearing authentic Indian clothes. 

During the festive season, these shopping portals offer some jaw-dropping sales that give you a heavy discount on all the categories on the best brands in India. As a customer in Hong Kong, you can also avail of these amazing deals and discounts and buy the items at the discounted price, the same as for Indian customers.

How to make Myntra international delivery?

Myntra is the ultimate fashion destination for a fashionable shopper. It is a shopping portal that has almost everything from shoes, clothes to accessories and beauty products from the top brands in the country, with some renowned international brands too. So it is given that most of the people love to shop from Myntra. But as a customer in Hong Kong, it can be a bit difficult for you because Myntra does not offer worldwide shipping yet.

Although Myntra does not provide international delivery to its customers, you can still purchase your favorite things from this online shopping site. With the help of ShoppRe, you can ship your order anywhere in Hong Kong. We will deliver it to your doorsteps within 3-6 working days. You will just have to shop like a regular customer and provide the virtual address at the time of checking out. But if Myntra does not accept your international card, you can take the help of a personal shopper at ShoppRe who will do the shopping for you, while you sit back and relax. You will just have to provide the details of your order. And you are done!

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