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Just close your eyes for a minute and observe the environment around you. Try to listen to other people talking with each other, or the sound of someone working on a computer. Use your hands to feel what is in front of you. How much information can you acquire from these senses without your sight? 

It must have been difficult in the beginning but the longer you keep your eyes closed, your other senses become more active. Imagine how a visually impaired person leads his or her whole life by just relying on these senses. That is why braille signboards are vital for them to communicate with the environment, through them, they can touch and feel the embossed letters or signs.

Why people need Braille Signboards and how they help?

people need Braille Signboards

Signage plays a vital role in making the facilities and services in an unfamiliar environment more accessible to people with severe visual impairments. It is a way of liberating them and giving them more confidence and independence while doing their daily activities. 

They can really help them to make their way through the world. It ensures easy orientation and safe movement both outdoors and indoors. 

COVID 19 caution signboards:

COVID 19 pandemic signboard

The COVID 19 pandemic has devoured the whole world in its wrath and we are in need of caution more than ever. In these difficult times, it is imperative to take care of each other. As for most of us, we can easily see and keep us safe from the dangers of infection when in public.  But for a few people, it is difficult to analyze without proper caution. 

For a visually impaired person, the braille COVID caution and notice signboards can play a crucial role in maintaining social distance. They can not see but they can be made aware through these signboards, of the detrimental conditions, and how they can take care to reduce the risk of getting infected.

Where to buy Braille signboards from?

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Our Personal shopper service:

braille signboards

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