Gangaur Festival: The grandeur of Rajasthan

Gangaur Festival in India: How & Where to Celebrate

Gangaur is an ancient festival of Rajasthani Aan-Ban-Shan. Since time immemorial, this festival has held a profound significance for the devotees and embodies love and sentiments in a married couple. The 18 days long festival of prayer, folk songs, Ghoomar, and food is a party in itself which celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

This festival is the radiant ray of cultural, family, and religious consciousness. Gangaur is combined from two words, Gan means Shiva and Gaur means goddess Gauri or Parvati. The festival of Gangaur starts from the next day of Holi which lasts continuously for eighteen days. 

The story behind Gangaur festival

As Haryali Teej commemorates the auspicious union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Gangaur festival is also linked to their story. Later, when Goddess Parvati goes to her parental place to meet her parents. She stayed there for 18 days. There, she blessed her friends with blissful marriage. And on the last day, a grand farewell was conducted for her and Lord Shiva came down to earth to accompany her.

The 18-day grand rituals

  • Gangaur festivals commence on the next day of Holi. The women dress up beautifully in traditional attires, apply henna, and wear jewels. 
  • Idols of Lord Shiva in the form of Isar or Gana and Goddess Parvati in the form of Gaur are worshipped for the welfare of a couple, every morning and evening for 18 days. 
  • Evenings are spent in the garden and the entire place resonates with the voices of women singing Rajasthani folk songs and dancing the Ghoomar. 
  • The wheatgrass which is an important element of this Rajasthani festival is sown in small earthen pots.
  • Newly married women fast for the whole day, for 18 days.
  • On the 7th day, unmarried women bring burning lamps inside a decorated clay pot on their heads. They sing traditional songs as they hold the pot on their head. 
  • On the 17th day, parents of married women bless her and send gifts, clothes, jewelry, and other items. 
  • On the 18th day, a grand procession is conducted, where a large statue of Goddess Gauri is decorated and taken through the city. Lots of people follow the procession along with local bands while they sing and dance.

Things you can buy for this festival

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Get the traditional look:

Women love to dress up in heavy traditional lehengas and gorgeous jewelry at this festival. Traditional bandhani print, delicate Gota Patti, beautiful Leheriya, and intricate embroidery is seen on the attires. But the outfits are incomplete without the perfect jewelry and Rajasthan has abundant gems and stones with the most exquisite artworks from veteran artisans. The Polki, jadau, Kundan, meenakari, and lac are the most famous forms of jewelry that add more charm and elegance to any look. Here are some choices for you to shop for.

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Puja Essentials:

Praise the divinity and indulge in the festival that celebrates your life and love for family. Bring home the idols of Gangaur and worship them with all your heart and soul. These idols are the most important part of this festival in fact it is what defines the festival. All the essential items that you might need for this grand celebration are listed below. 

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