The Basic GUIDE to Timeless Shoes for Professional Men

Buy branded men’s formal shoes online from India at Best Prices

As there goes a quote, “Good shoes take you good places“, a pair of perfect shoes can be a good fortune. For the interview the next day, formal shoes tick one of the professional attire aspects. Believe it or not, but shoes speak it all. So get your job with a good first impression.

So,it is best if you are prepared for professional or business events where you want everything to be perfect and formal. The minute details of your outfits matter a lot during such events.

If you don’t find time to shop for formal shoes, here is the suggestion and some of the best formal shoes from India that you can shop from the best Indian online shoe stores. Stop by the timeless shoes and find yourselves a good pair from the best online shopping stores for shoes in India.

At the end of this article, you can find tips to buy professional shoes and procedures to ship shoes from India to your international destination within the budget.

What are the best online formal shoe stores in India?

Take a look at some of the best websites in India for formal shoes for men. Description narrates what’s the best part in each online shopping store.

Navigate to below sections to know your answers.

  1. Men’s Formal Shoe Types & Popular Formal shoe Brands in India 
  2. Tips to choose formal shoes
  3. How can you ship branded shoes from India to your residence within the budget?

Formal Shoe Types & Popular Formal Shoe Brand in India

# Strictly Formal

Formal shoes are generally classified into four categories. They are Oxford, Monk Shoes and Loafers/Slip ons and boots. Each has their own professional leathery look. Find what best suits for those business gatherings, interviews and regular office wear.

  1. Red Tape Black Oxford shoes 
RED TAPE Genuine Leather Textured Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are the crown of all formal shoe types. The closed lacing pattern is what identifies them as oxford shoes. When you pair your suit with these shoes, there is no fear about being semi formal. The shoes are strictly formal and go with your tuxedos and formal suits. The price of oxford shoes in India starts from ₹1000.

Oxford shoes are one of the best formal footwear options from the brand Red Tape. The shoes from Red Tape are available in Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, ShoppersStop, Snapdeal and Lifestyle. The solid texture is the real hero when the design just stays calm and mild.

For leaving a long lasting impression in a meeting, start your step with Red Tape Oxford shoes. With two layered clothing, wear the shoes professionally. Buy this Genuine Leather Textured Oxford Shoes (Black) from Lifestyle and walk confidently.

  1. Brown Bacca Bucci Monk Shoes
Bacca Bucci 
Monk Strap For Men  (Brown)

Monk Shoes are laceless and use buckles with straps for locking. While Monk Shoes are next to the Oxford shoes, the price typically starts from ₹700. The shoe is versatile, as it goes for casual outfits too. You can choose those pairs for white collar events, as well as for the late night hangout with friends.

The Bacca Bucci is one of the well-known brands in India. The professionals carve leather to comfortable shoes. With varieties in their shoes, it feels like a one stop solution for shopping shoes. Monk shoes are one such best category you find in Bacca Bucci.

These pairs are must-buy shoes that one must own in his formal wardrobe. The Bacca Bucci shoes are available at Flipkart, Ajio and Myntra. This brown pair With buckles on the side, the shoe offers a professional finish. Buy this Bacca Bucci Monk Strap (Brown) from Flipkart and stay professional.

  1. Lee Cooper Black Slip On Formal Shoes
Lee Cooper Men's Leather Formal Shoes

Loafers/Slip ons are that which need no introduction. These shoes can be semi-formal and casual. In the hierarchy of formal shoes, loafers hold the last rank. However, these shoes can’t be still ignored from the formal shoes list.

There are two varieties in Loafers: Laceless and Lace-up. While laceless loafers are more professional when compared to Lace-ups, you can use the laced ones as regular office shoes. The price of formal loafers start from ₹800. Lee Cooper is one of the favourite footwear brands in India.

Each shoe is tastefully designed for all age group people. Most importantly, you get to enjoy the good quality and experience at the best price. Lee Coopers are available in Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Shopclues.

If you want to buy formal leather shoes online (Loafer type), check out this black lee cooper loafer. The shoe is perfect for business events. Buy the Black Lee Cooper Men’s Leather Formal Shoes (Loafer) from Amazon and suit your suit.

  1. Red Chief Black Office Boots
Red Chief
Men Black Formal Leather Boots

Boots are the widely liked pairs for every occasion from the medieval times to present day. As long as your boot is leather in black/brown, boots are kind of formal. You can use a good pair of mid-top boots as regular office shoes. A branded leather boot price in India starts from ₹1500.

A comfortable boot is hard to find. Red Chief is the best brand for leather shoes and it’s a home where you find comfy boots. Red Chief offers boots with genuine leather material and firm designs. This mid-top Black Leather Boot from Red Chief is laceless and slip on type.

The Red Chief shoes are available in Myntra, Flipkart and Snapdeal. Buy the Red Chief Men Black Formal Leather Boots from Myntra and make your office wear a little bit interesting.

  1. Alberto Torresi Textured Black Lace Up Shoes
Alberto Torresi Office Genuine Leather Black Formal Shoes

Lace up shoes are simply fine for formal events. Alberto is another best brand for formal shoes. The average price of Alberto shoes is Rs.2000. You can find several options for each event from Alberto Torresi. The designs and style are what draws fans to the Torresi.

These shoes are available on Amazon and Flipkart. This textured shoe from Alberto Torresi is made of genuine leather and has a lace closure. Buy a pair of Alberto Torresi Office Genuine Leather Black Formal Shoes from SnapDeal for the next formal event.

  1. Ajio Tan Faux-Leather Formal Shoes
Faux-Leather Formal Shoes

While AJIO is the best online site for shoes, the firm makes exclusive Ajio branded footwears. AJIO carefully handpicks the baste taste in each footwear and thus makes shoes suitable for people of all ages.

Formal shoes need not always be made leather, sometimes it can be faux and yet formal. These Tan Faux are slip ons with buckles. Pair them with your more-or less tan belt and you are ready with your formal attire. Buy this Faux Leather Formal Shoe from Ajio and brighten up your Monday mornings.

Tips to choose formal shoes

Colours & Rules:

  • While purchasing for formal shoes, keep in mind the color and details. Dark colors are the way to go. While black, brown, and tan make the typical colors of formal shoes, black is the most professional of all. Black shoes go with grey, black and blue suits. Brown shoes go with grey and charcoal suits. 
  • Make sure you are buying shoes that match your belt’s texture and color. The colors need not be one and the same. However, the shade of the belt should match with the shade of the shoes.
  • Don’t go for too many designs and perforations on your formal shoes. As long as your shoe is plain and neat, the formal attire is complete and elegant. That’s why brogue shoes are not welcome for formal business gatherings.
  • If you are looking for business casual shoes, then you might actually take a look at these latest sets of semi-formal shoes that will help you decide.

Comfort & Fit

  • This is essential for your feet to live during those formal events. Thus select an appropriate size. 
  • The general rule is to have at least half an inch gap between toes and the tip. Thereby your toes can breathe in the toe cap.
  • Brand awareness is mandatory. Know the plus and minuses of the brand and choose what you like.

What next?

  • Now that you have known some tips to decide the formal shoe, the one common mistake is not maintaining your shoes. Day by day, the best shoe for which you paid every buck turns rusty and old. Even when you buy good quality shoes, make sure to polish and keep it alive. 
  • And most importantly, for those formal events, never skip the sock even if you go out with loafers.

How can you ship branded shoes from India to your residence within the budget?

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