Celebrate the bright festivals and vibrant culture of Punjab

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The essence of Punjab is in its green pastures, verdant meadows, five sparkling rivers, spectacular mountains, and the exuberant spirit of festivities among people. Manifesting India’s diverse culture and rich heritage, Punjab is at the epitome of celebrating its vibrant cultural festivals with great enthusiasm and pomp. 

Punjabi festivals are not only tied to the cultural roots which represent their traditions in the most beautiful way, but they are also about joy, happiness, and liberating yourself through vigorous dancing. Dancing is the main part of Punjabi festivals which reflect its rich culture, enthusiasm, and vivacity of people.

How can you shop from India during the festive season?

Festivals are a vital part of any culture or country, therefore celebrating them also becomes significant to pass on the ethics. No matter where in the world we are, we always want to stay connected to our cultural and traditional values by enjoying these exhilarating festivals. 

Being in another country, it can be difficult to find the right things for a particular festival, and shopping online from India as an international customer is not always a piece of cake. You are encumbered with exuberant international shipping charges, lots of red-tapism, issues with an international address, international cards, etc.

ShoppRe brings a simple solution to all of these problems. Our rigid, reliable, safe, and cheap shipping services from India can help you shop for all the festive essentials from authentic Indian online shopping stores. But you don’t have to wander here and there to search for the right thing, we have curated a list of essential items that you can buy during these festivals to ease your shopping experience and make it more fun. 

We aim to tell you the significance of these main festivals of Punjab and what you should buy to celebrate them with the same zeal and grandeur as you did in India. Have a look!

1. Baisakhi

Baisakhi is a harvesting festival that harvests the first crop of the winter season with a grand celebration. Vaisakhi takes place during the month of Vaisakh on the Nanakshahi calendar, a solar calendar used in Sikhism. The month of Vaisakh falls between mid-April and mid-May on the Gregorian calendar.

People rejoice on this day and celebrate the fruits of their hard work throughout the winter. Apart from being a significant harvesting festival it also marks the first day of Sikh New Year. People celebrate and rejoice in this festival in numerous exciting ways. 

They decorate their houses, wear traditional attires, visit each other’s houses, do prayers in gurudwaras, kirtan processions, take part in fairs, indulge in exhaustive dancing over dhol beats, and amazing folk songs, enjoy authentic Punjabi delicacies during a grand feast, etc. 

What to shop for Baisakhi?

Well, don’t be confused and buy the following essentials for Baisakhi. Decorate your house with these beautiful torans and bring prosperity to your life. The fluffy flower garlands can be seen in almost every Indian house on a special occasion. These artificial marigold fluffy flower garlands or door toran sets will bring positivity which is perfect to welcome the harvesting festival.

Buy sweets and original Punjabi treats for yourself and your loved ones. Gift them and share the love. Delicious Kaju Katlis, Ladoos, and Chikki form the basic treats of Baisakhi, get them and enjoy them with your family and friends.

2. Lohri

Lohri is one of the most vibrant festivals that Punjabis celebrate. It is celebrated on the day of winter solstice or the last day of the month when winter solstice takes place. It also signifies the end of the bitterly shorter days of winter and welcomes the long warmer days of Summer. It is said that the Sun God is invoked through the Lohri songs seeking warmth. 

The ambiance during Lohri is worth observing. The sacred bonfire of Lohri is lit to give warmth to the hearts and souls of people and represent the change of weather. All households in this state light bonfires and family members dance and sing folk songs around them rejoicing this auspicious festival. 

People take rounds around the fire and offer the winter harvest like sesame seeds, jaggery, Gachak, Revri, peanuts, popcorns, and other dry fruits into the fire which is further distributed among friends and family. Punjabi festival is incomplete without a grand feast, Lohri is also celebrated with the grand dinner that serves delicious Punjabi dishes such as til rice, Makki ki roti, Sarson ka saag, and other scrumptious items.

What to shop for Lohri?


Lohri is all about love, food, and family values. Punjab has so many colors and hues during festivals, but it also has incredible food. Taste the authentic Punjabi treats and bring home the essence of your homeland. But Gajak, Jaggery, Revri, popcorn, and much more for celebrating the auspicious and welcoming festival of Lohri. 

The traditional Gajak that makes most of us nostalgic is hard to find. And yet here we are with the same taste straight from India. Click here to buy. Buy all the things that you will need for the pooja and the offerings like peanuts and popcorn from authentic brands that promise quality. Buy these organic sesame seeds and jaggery to recall the taste from your childhood days in India. Buy white sesame seeds

3. Teeyan (Teej)

Teeyan is a Punjabi festival which is also known as Teej in other parts of India. It is a festival of womanhood to welcome the onset of the monsoon season. It falls on the third lunar day in the month of Saavan. Women celebrate this festival by dancing to folk songs, observing fast, wearing colorful traditional outfits, and visiting temples for prayers.

The state is a visual and cultural treat that includes festivities with swings, kite flying, cultural events, traditional dances, and folk songs during this festival. Women adorned in beautiful traditional attires perform Giddha on the river banks. Swings are thrown over the branches, where they play and sing. 

The whole environment resonated with the beautiful and delightful melodies of traditional folk songs. The day is celebrated by the arrival of the married daughter to her paternal house, where her brother prepares a swing for her. And as she plays on the swings, she sings about her feelings and emotions. 

What to shop for Teeyan?


Teeyan is all about celebrating womanhood in its most beautiful form. Women get to dress up and wear traditional clothes and jewelry. Have a look at these exquisite traditional attires from the most trusted brands in India and do online shopping from India. 

The embroidered kurta with skirt and dupatta set from the house of Pataudi is definitely a heart stealer. The intricate details of the work will set all eyes on you. While the maroon and mustard yellow woven design kurta set is the perfect paradigm of simple Indian beauty. The pink and red printed Kurti with sharara and dupatta gives a modern Indie vibe with all the details of delicate and gorgeous Gota work.

The phulkari dupattas, which are the true gem of Punjab, have no match. The hand-embroidered dupattas are always in trend with sparkling mirror work and dainty colors. Traditional Indian jewelry is loved worldwide. Here are some stunning pieces that will adorn your outfit manifolds. The staple Chandbalis, glittering bangles, and golden necklaces are all part of an Indian women’s ethnic collection. 

To complete the whole look, Jutis or Mojaris are an absolute essential. Here are two pairs, the pink one with mirror work for those heavy outfits and the golden one to match almost everything you have in your wardrobe. Wear them, flaunt them, and shine on Teeyan.