Andhra Pradesh: The State of Art and Festivals

Andhra Pradesh: The State of Art and Festivals

Take a look at the three festivals of Andhra Pradesh and six things to shop from this place. Shop for anything you like!

The diversity of our country is evident from the numerous festivals and fairs that we celebrate in every state of India. Andhra Pradesh is also a vivid state with many lively festivals and glorious culture that its people take pride in. It is adorned with the beautiful Eastern Ghats and lined with the majestic Bay of Bengal. 

It is indeed one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Its prominence burgeons by its skilled artisans whose testimony is their intricate and delicate work of Bidri, Lac bangles, pearls, Pachampally Sarees, Kalamkari, Banjara embroidery, and Ittars. It is a shoppers’ paradise! 

Everyone visiting the state gets enraptured by its scenic beauty and vibrant culture. Everyone wants to take back a part of this state with them back home. Let’s take a look at the three great festivals of Andhra Pradesh.


Pongal or Makar Sankranti is observed at the beginning of the harvesting season in Andhra Pradesh. It is the most important festival in this state. People celebrate this unique festival for four straight days by dressing up in traditional attires, decorating their house with flowers, Torans, and Rangoli, and preparing a traditional dish ‘Pongal’.  Friends and families gather to celebrate this festival with a lavish meal and delicious sweets.

The festivities continue for four days, the first day is dedicated to burn old articles they call the day ‘Bhogi Panduga’, the second day is Pongal known as ‘Pedda Panduga’ where people wear traditional clothes and get dressed up. The third day is ‘Mattu Pongal’ and the fourth day of the festival ends with the ‘Kanuma Panduga’.


Ugadi is celebrated as the new year’s day in Andhra Pradesh, as it is the first day of the Hindu Lunisolar calendar. Lots of delicious sweets like Puran Poli, Bhakshya, and Ugadi Pacchadi are prepared on this occasion to welcome the new year and pray for a prosperous and joyous future. 

Houses all over the state are decorated with garlands made of banana leaf and flowers. People wear new clothes and perform a special Puja to worship the gods and ask for their blessings for the whole year.

Vinayaka Chaturthi:

Vinayak Chaturthi is most commonly known as ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ in other parts of India and it is a grand 11-day celebration. People of Andhra Pradesh celebrate this festival extravagantly by decorating the streets with incredible Pandals for marvelous idols of Lord Ganesh. Lots of dancing, prayers, and worshipping.

Idols of Lord Ganesh are bought into homes and worshipped for 11 days. The deity is offered many delicacies like sweets, Laddoos, Modaks, etc. It comes to an end where people gather in great numbers and procession to immerse the idol into a river.

Five Things to Shop from Andhra Pradesh

1. Pearls

Kundan-Studded Bracelet with Pearls-ZPFK9167

Anyone who knows the city Hyderabad knows that it is popular for pears. Many families have been drilling pears for generations for their livelihood keeping this traditional art alive. Pick your favorite Hyderabadi pearl souvenir and get it delivered to your doorsteps anywhere in the world. Click here to buy

2. Bidri Work

Nutristar Bidri Art Flower Vase Showpiece Handcrafted in Silver and Zinc

Bidri work is the most impressive form of metal craft in Andhra Pradesh and skilled artisans have been doing it for ages. No one can achieve the level of their craftsmanship and intricate in detail which renders the articles an inevitable appeal. You can buy this traditional art in the form of vases, ashtrays, boxes, trays, and a lot more, and this beautiful artform will impress you with its gorgeous floral designs and geometric figures in beautiful silver set against a dark backdrop. Click here to buy

3. Hyderabadi Bangles or Lac Bangles

Hyderabad Bangles 
Lac Brass Bangle Set

Hyderabad is immensely famous for colorful and glittery Hyderabadi Lac bangles. These scintillating bangles will add a touch of the royal world glamorous in your ensemble. These bangles are handmade with bold colors, shiny stones, and beautiful designs which makes it next to impossible to avoid them. Get them for yourself or your loved ones as a perfect gift from Andhra Pradesh. Click here to buy

4. Pochampally Or Ikat Art

Black & White Linen Blend Printed Ikat Saree

Pochampally is also known as Ikat. This is a traditional weave available in cotton and silk in myriads of vibrant colors and gorgeous patterns. Every woman must have a Pochampally Sari in her wardrobe. The striking design and pattern impart an outstanding look to the whole attire. You can choose any piece that speaks to you and bring it home with our international shipping service. Click here to buy

5. Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari Sarees

Kalamkari is one of the oldest arts of India and the people of Andhra Pradesh takes pride in it. It uses the art of hand painting beautiful flowers and images on the fabric using a pen with precise detail. Own this unparalleled piece of art in your wardrobe to wear at any traditional event

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