Buy Filtra 4-Ply Tie On Surgical Face Mask and Ship to Kwun Tong

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The Filtra offers you the best surgical face mask for virus. The Filtra’s 4 ply face mask is said to have BFE ( Bacteria Filtration Efficiency ) > 99%. The product has 50 daily-use pieces. Ship it from to your country with ShoppRe.

Product Detail:

Product NameProduct Link
Filtra 4-Ply Tie On Surgical Face Mask
Green 50 Pcs (BFE > 99%) TT-4GTM
Amazon Mask

Shipment Weight :

Weight Parameters Value(In kg.)
Actual Weight2.1
Volumetric Weight3.8
Chargeable Weight3.8

Shipping Charges:

Parameters Value
Sub-Total₹ 7024
Country Specific Discount₹ 3512
Package Level Charges₹ 200
Final Shipping Charges₹ 2793
Payment ModeCard
Destination AddressKwun Tong, Kowloon,
Hong Kong

Note: Currently we are unable to ship 4Ply mask. Due to ban from Export. You can purchase and ship 2 & 3 Ply face mask from India