Face masks “Out of Stock?” Shipping 100k surgical masks to Singapore from India

Ship 1,00,000 Surgical Face Masks to Singapore

Why Shop From India?

It’s hazardous out there to breathe the unfiltered air. We all know about the breakout in China and it’s slow spread to neighbouring countries. Adding to the woe, the “out of stock” sign for face masks leaves the mark of disappointment. Hence, you are bound to fall for the heavily priced surgical mask online. Besides the product cost, the shipping cost pierces the wallet so hard.

As a solution to the above crisis, you can shop for surgical face masks from best and cheap face mask seller India. Because the disposable face mask price in India is comparatively cheaper, you can purchase them online with a happy face.

India Online Shopping Surgical Mask: Where to find best and cheap face mask seller in India?

Of course, there are plenty of India Online shopping surgical mask options. Hence, It’s easy to google and find best and cheap face mask seller in India. But once you enter the Pin Code, the delivery might not be possible at your residence. That’s where ShoppRe comes in to picture. At ShoppRe, not only do you get to purchase cheap & best surgical masks from India but also you can ship them anywhere.

Make your purchase online here and get it delivered to you within 3-6  days. The 2 ply or 3 ply surgical tie-on face masks are available for sale. Purchase a single piece or buy in a bundle. For instance, 100pcs disposable surgical face mask anti-dust anti-smog ear loop mouth mask masks & eye masks are the popular purchases. Sign up for free and avail the best International shipping service.

Ship surgical mask Singapore? What about International Shipping Cost?

As mentioned earlier, you can ship surgical mask Singapore or anywhere. And, sure, you might be wondering about the international shipping bill. However, the pricing is simpler than what you had in mind.

Because ShoppRe does massive forward packaging service, the delivery charges are low. In fact, you can save up to 80% of the International shipping costs. Besides the regular discount and country-specific discount, you can claim the first-time discount or your first shipping.

Let’s talk numbers now: 2 ply and 3 ply surgical face mask price in India

Face mask price in India excluding the shipping cost
Type of Face MaskPrice per unit
2 ply surgical₹ 12
3 ply ear loop surgical₹ 25
3 ply tie-on surgical₹ 20

Shipping surgical mask Singapore from India?: Estimated shipping charges

Calculate the estimate of shipping charges from India to your doorstep. Be aware of the pricing scheme before you make the purchase. You can check the estimated amount. Once you enter the details like the destination and weight of the package, you can access the estimated amount for international shipping.

Safe India online shopping surgical mask with ShoppRe

After your online purchase, from the dispatch until the delivery, you can track your order. In addition to tracking, you can check for the pictures of deliverables. In case of any query, contact our customer support people who are available 24*7.

Extra discount on Shipping

If you are planning to ship and your shipment weight is between 5.5 – 10 kg then you will get ₹ 300 off on Shipping.

Country nameShipment weight (in kg)Discount amount
Australia5.5 – 10 ₹ 300
Hong Kong5.5 – 10 ₹ 300
Singapore5.5 – 10 ₹ 300
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