Buy W for Woman Women’s Rayon Straight Pink Kurta from Amazon India, and ship to your doorstep ANYWHERE in the world!

Red Mandarin Neck Solid Kurta in India

See how ShoppRe’s Personal Shopper Assistant can help you with purchase of W for Woman Women’s Rayon Straight Pink Kurta from Amazon India.

What was the customer looking to buy and which country did he want to ship to?

A customer from Malaysia wanted to purchase Rayon Straight Kurta online on Amazon India. Customer chose ShoppRe Assisted Purchase and ordered W for Woman Women’s Rayon straight Pink Kurta.

Below are the Item List Purchased by Customer

SL No.Item NameItem Cost
1W for Woman Women’s Rayon straight Kurta – Pink₹1867
2W for Woman Women’s Rayon straight Kurta – Green₹1699
What are the charges?

For your Shopping, if you opt for Personal Shopper Assisted Purchase, a minimum fee of 7% or ₹200 ( whichever is higher ) is applicable as a service fee. Find the details of this order as below:

Total Items2
Total Item Cost₹3566
Personal Shopper Fee (7%) ₹250
Payment GatePayPal
Payment Gateway Charges (10%)₹381.6
Total Cost of the Order₹4198

Coupon Used for the Customer: No

Order Placed: 4th DEC 2020, 12:15 PM IST

Order Received: 5th DEC 2020, 6:18 PM IST

No: of days taken to receive all the items to ShoppRe Warehouse: 1 Days

Other challenges/Comments: No

Is this Purchase order inclusive of the shipping charges?

No, the shipment costs are separate and the shipment details can be read here. Check for the Shipping Rates here.

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