For Pongal and other famous festivals of Tamil Nadu: Here’s is the list of Top 10 things to buy from Tamil Nadu

things to buy from Tamil Nadu india

Speciality of South India: Tamil Nadu’s Festivals

Waking up to the smell of potty pongal is a familiar blissful feeling known by every tamil person. With an earthy scent of Tamill Nadu, the festivals here are unique and grand. A 4-day festival celebration as a tribute to the harvest and the farmers, starts as early as in January. As surprisingly, it’s not only about the Tamil New Year, Pongal and Marriages. There is much more beyond those festivals and occasions. 

It is evident from the cultural variation existing from Chennai to Kanyakumari. Thus a variety of festivals held beautifully across 38 districts of Tamil Nadu. If you are ever fascinated by Tamil Nadu, you must be willing to know what it’s like to be there. You must be having questions like what is Tamil Nadu famous for ? or what can I buy in Chennai, the heart of Tamil Nadu or where can I do Tamil Nadu Shopping? And so on.

Go Tamil Nadu Shopping at home from anywhere

If you haven’t paid a visit yet, there are things that you can buy from Tamil Nadu to feel the presence. The ‘Extras’ that are seemingly present in the background bring out the festival vibe as you enter the doorstep of your house. And some of them cannot be available as it was before. Here’s a list of beautiful belongings of each Tamil festival that you can ship to your home from anywhere.

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What can I buy in Tamil Nadu ?

  1. Festive Crafts
a) Mud Pottery Works

Famous festivals of Tamil Nadu include artistic works during the ceremony. The walls of the temple narrate how the creative hobbies turned into souvenirs and real business. I’m sure you would be enthralled to see the beauty in the benevolent works. Buy souvenirs online India of Tamil Nadu and keep them at your shelf or surprise your friends by gifting them. These items could be the best gifts for American friends from India.

Mud Pottery Works

Mud pottery works are one of the popular shopping items in Tamil Nadu. The harvest festival, feast for goddess Parvati, Thaipusam (festival for lord murugan), cooking in pot is the basic ritual. As delicate as the finest work, the taste of the food cooked in pot hits you with a hint of smoke and earthly aroma. Apart from mud pots for cooking, there are several decorative pottery ornaments from Tamil Nadu. Painted Mud lamps for ‘Karthigai Deepam’ and ‘Deepa voli’, makes the celebration even more dazzling when the sun falls

b) Bobble Head Dolls 
Bobble Head Dolls

Tanjore is known for its ceramic and porcelain dolls. During the autumn season, the Golu Bommai online shopping is famous. Setting the table with lots of south Indian dolls and narrating ancient tales were the parts of this eve. This festival is what the Japanese call ‘Hinamatsuri’. However, a typical golu bommai set includes lords, characters of a particular story, common people and most importantly the bobble head dancers and grandparents. During the upcoming autumn, shop for golu bommai dolls online and arrange the table with stories of intriguingly sculptured dolls. Unlike your birthday, the bommai Golu happens thrice a year. At the instances of ‘Pilaiyar Chatutrthi’, ‘Krishna Jeyanthi’ and ‘Ayudha Pooja’, the dolls decorate tables. View the product

c) Tanjore Paintings
Tanjore painting on the wall

While dolls have their own festival, hanging a Tanjore painting on the wall itself counts as a festival. Buy Tanjore paintings online and proudly represent a bit of Tamil Nadu at your house. Tanjore paintings are mostly the portraits of Indian ancient Gods and historical figures. This beautifully framed artwork with fine technique would be one of the great souvenir gift ideas for friends abroad. The non-antique certificate is mandatory to send this. View the product

  1. Festive Wears
a) Kanchipuram Silk Sarees & Traditional Ornaments
Kanchipuram silk sarees

No matter where we go, ladies’ hearts stop by textiles. Kanchipuram silk sarees are the most amazing thing that has happened for women in Tamil Nadu. If you are from abroad, you can still buy Kanchipuram sarees online and get them delivered to you via ShoppRe. The weave patterns and techniques are much more than you think. Kanchipuram silk sarees are worn during marriage and special occasions because the bride in you deserves special. The price of Kanchipuram silk sarees varies between as low as Rs.1000 to as high as one lakh and above. view the product

As an accompaniment to the saree, ornaments are something that women never lost their craze for. A beautiful antique artificial jewel syncing the saree background looks traditional and dashing. A full bridal cover ornament includes earrings, bangles, necklaces, long haram,  Nethichutti (hair accessory), anklet, and so on. If you ever want a south Indian bridal makeover, buy Tamil Nadu artificial jewels online at your home.

b) Tiruppur Vesti
Tiruppur Vesti

It doesn’t always have to be a women’s world. As much as saree during festivals is important, the vesti is important for men. This is the basic yet trendy ethnic wear for south Indian men. Tirupur is known for the manufacture of comfy cotton outfits. Most people prefer silk vesti on special occasions rather than cotton vestis. However, if you have decided to buy a vesti online (silk/cotton)  from abroad, make sure you match it with a shirt of the same material. Otherwise, you can always buy vesti shirt set online in Tamil Nadu.

  1. Festive Foods
a) Payasam Mix
Payasam Mix

Payasam is a go-to dessert for any occasion. For birthdays, marriages, and all the festivals, Payasam is a mandatory dish in Tamil Nadu. Though vermicelli payasam might sound like a simple milky drink, a spoonful of the payasam is enough to bring a smile on your face with a sweet note. It is one of the favorite desserts that kids would run to. Added cashews, saffron, and cardamom will elevate the taste to the next level. After a little bit of prayer, munch into the dessert and wipe out the bowl. Buy instant payasam mix online to make the magical dessert happen fastly and tastefully. Can send only branded items. View the product

b) Murukku Maker
Murukku Maker

Why does it always have to be desserts during south Indian festivals? This is the best savory option during festivals and special occasions. The name ‘Murukku’ indicates ‘Twisted’. This twisted and crunchy savory is made of rice and urad dhal flour. For those winter days and chilly climate, have a bite of murukku that accompanies your mood. Purchase murukku makers online and perhaps download the murukku recipe. Try out this dish for yourself and fall for the fresh hot savory at every bite. View the product

C) Nilgiris Tea Powder

Though a cup of tea is not festive, almost all indians are teaholics. Nilgiris is one of the hill stations of Tamil Nadu. The entire district covers you with sceneries and earthy aroma. The district is famous for its tea plantations. If you have a chance to visit, do try the freshly made tea from a stall you find. If not, you can make the Nilgiris tea powder enter your house. Prepare fresh tea with the brimming essence of Nilgiris. Ship Nilgiris Tea Powder internationally and enjoy each sip.