Festivals of Uttar Pradesh | 6 Things to Shop For

festivals of uttar pradesh

Wander in the streets of UP with us, enjoy the grand festivals of the state, and shop anything you want!

Uttar Pradesh is the perfect paradigm of cultural heritage and secular spirit. It is the land of festivities and fairs. Festivals are grand here and are celebrated with ceremonial elegance and splendor. From the gorgeously illuminated ancient and sacred Varanasi Ghats to the majestic Mathura-Vrindavan, it speaks of its pure ambiance and godly touch. It is indeed God’s own land.

Owing to its diversity, it celebrated 40 festivals and nearly 2250 fairs each year. So, you are at complete liberty to visit this magnificent place at any time of the year. And when you do, don’t forget to indulge in the delightful dishes, shop from the most amazing local markets, enjoy the thrilling rides in fairs, and lose yourself in the spiritual flow of the Ganga river. Some of its most popular festivals are Holi and Janmashtami, which are celebrated in a unique style.

Holi: The Festival Of Colors

Holi has many colors in itself, but when we talk about the Holi of Uttar Pradesh, it is something different. It is celebrated with full splendor and zeal all over India, but the one played in Mathura is a must-watch sight. Brij, the area around Mathura-Vrindavan is believed to be the home town of Lord Krishna. He used to play Holi along with his beloved Radha and other Gopis.

The colorful festival of Holi marks the beginning of the spring season. People play with colors and apply colors to each other. They enjoy sweets and dance to popular songs. The festival also represents the victory of good over evil. To celebrate the victory, a huge bonfire is set afire a day before playing Holi with colors.

Lath Mar Holi 

Lath Mar Holi is another colorful and fun way of celebrating the festival in Barsana near Mathura. It is celebrated just a few days before the actual Holi. During this festival, ladies are seen hitting sticks (lath) at men. As the legend goes, Lord Krishna used to visit Barsana with his friends to play Holi with his beloved Radha and her friends (Gopis). While playing, the men were chased by the Gopis with ‘Lathis’ (sticks) in their hands, thus giving rise to the ‘Latthmar Holi’ of Barsana. 

Janmashtami: The Birth of Lord Krishna

Mathura, the birthplace of Lord Krishna celebrates and rejoices the festival of Janmashtami with great passion. The major festival celebrations take place at Dwarkadhish Temple. Mathura is the birth-place of Lord Krishna, and Vrindavan is where he spent his childhood. Both the cities in the state Uttar Pradesh celebrate the festival with equal fervor. 

People venerate and love Lord Krishna and many women consider his idols as their own child. They feed it, play with it, sing to it, and bathe him just like a living child. It is treated as one of the grandest festivals in the state as it is his birthplace. It is celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal where people spectacularly decorate Krishna’s idols and temples. 

Different sweet dishes and Prasads are prepared with the aim of honoring the almighty lord, one of them is the Panchamrit which is made up of dry fruits, milk, and sugar. Women across the state observe fasting for the entire day and eat food which has been prepared 2 days in advance. People proffer many offerings to the gods among butter which is Lord Krishna’s favorite food. 

Shopping List From Uttar Pradesh

You can take absolute delight in shopping from the state as it has something for everyone. Whether you are a fashionista, a foodie, an artist, a connoisseur, a music lover, or a sports person, this state never disappoints its visitors.

  1. Zardosi Embroidery
Zardosi embroidery

It is the most royal embroidery with gold threads, silver threads, and crystals used for embellishing the clothes. Feel like a queen in these Zardosi embroidered attires. Just head out to any event and be the embodiment of elegance with simplicity. Click here to view

  1. Chikan Work
Chikan work

Lucknow is considered the heart of the famous Chikankari embroidery in India.  Shop for some of the most exclusive chikan Kurtis and sarees from Lucknow. They are perfect for hot weather and daily wear. Be traditional and show your love with this traditional form of embroidery on your kurta or saree. Click here to view

  1. Persian Carpet
Persian Carpet

Bring home the royal elegance of the Mughals straight from Agra in these Persian carpets. Your home will ooze royalty and impart it a grand look. These royal carpets are unique and one of a kind. Give your home a perfect finishing touch it deserves and be ready to gather compliments for your choice. Click here to view

  1. Mughal Jewellery
Mughal Jewellery

The Mughal Era introduced us to exorbitant royalty, flamboyant architecture, and extraordinary jewelry. We are still head over heels for the fine jewelry pieces worn by Madhubala in the movie ‘Mughal-E-Azam’ from the year 1960. Get a look inspired by her eternal beauty and carry your own charm with these exquisite jewelry pieces. Click here to view

  1. Brassware

Moradabad has excellent bronze items including statues, utensils, mementos, and more. Brass utensils are not only considered rich but also healthy to eat from. They will give your dining table a royal look. Enjoy your next meal with these royal utensils. Click here to view

  1. Lord Krishna Idols
Lord Krishna Idols

Bring home the festivities, along with prosperity, and positivity by getting a lord Krishna idol straight from India. Enjoy the festivities and worship the deities during the auspicious festivals. Click here to view

Its 90,000-year-old history and rich culture are calling you to embrace it and revel in it. Though it may not be possible for all to visit this enchanting place physically, you can still enjoy the grandeur of its festival and shop from them. ShoppRe brings an opportunity for all the people worldwide to shop from Indian online shopping portals with up to 60%-80% low shipping rates.