Shop Filtra Disposable Air Pollution Face Mask in India & ship to Pok Fu Lam

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In recent times, “Where can I buy surgical masks?” has become a trending Google search. You need not search any further. With ShoppRe’s international shipping service, a customer has shipped the Filtra’s Surgical Mask Amazon India to his native location in Hong Kong. Most importantly, the package was shipped within 5 days.


Surgical Mask Amazon India has exclusive options for your needs. Filtra’s Surgical Mask Amazon India is a dispenser box of quality 50 pieces. The product comes with activated carbon. To make the purchase, order this at Amazon. ShoppRe will collect and ship it to your place. 

Product Detail:

Filtra Disposable Air Pollution
Face Mask with Activated Carbon
50 Pcs (TT-4BEM-AC)
Amazon Mask

Shipment Weight :

Weight ParametersValue(In kg.)
Actual Weight2
Volumetric Weight4.2
Chargeable Weight4.2

Shipping Charges:

Sub-Total₹ 7412
Country Specific Discount₹ 3706
Express processing charges₹ 200
Payment gateway charges₹ 111.18
Coupon Discount₹ 200
Final Shipping Charges₹ 3817
Payment ModeRazor Pay
Destination Address Pok Fu Lam,
Hong Kong