Buy SMI Surgical Face Mask Pack of 100 and Ship to Sheung Shui

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The SMI Surgical face mask is made of environment-friendly material. Purchase this soft and comfortable mask from Amazon India. A single pack has 100 pieces. Ship it to your place at the cheapest option available at ShoppRe.

Product Detail:

SMI Surgical Face Mask,
Medium Size (Blue) – Pack of 100
Amazon Mask

Shipment Weight :

Weight Parameters Value(In kg.)
Actual Weight2.1
Volumetric Weight4.4
Chargeable Weight4.4

Shipping Charges:

Sub-Total₹ 7412
Country Specific Discount₹ 3706
Packing level Charges₹ 800
Express processing charges₹ 200
Final Shipping Charges₹ 4641
Payment ModeRazor Pay
Destination AddressSheung Shui,
Hong Kong