Libas Women White & Green Printed Kurta with Palazzos from Myntra India to Malaysia

Please see below the step by step process to understand the different processes:

1. Personal Shopper Items Purchased from
Product QuantityProduct NameProduct Link
1Libas Women White & Green Printed Kurta with PalazzosBuy Now
1Libas Women Mustard Yellow Solid Straight KurtaBuy Now
1Vishudh Women Maroon & Gold-Coloured Printed Kurta with PalazzosBuy Now
4Libas Women Navy Blue & White Solid Kurta with Trousers & DupattaBuy Now
4GERUA Women Grey & Navy Printed Kurta with PalazzosBuy Now
1Libas Women Maroon Solid A-Line Kurta with Printed Longline Ethnic JacketBuy Now
1Libas Women Blue & Orange Block Print Kurta with Palazzos & DupattaBuy Now
1Libas Women Pink Solid Straight KurtaBuy Now
1MBE Women Navy Blue Printed A-Line KurtaBuy Now
15Total Kurtas
2. Items came to ShoppRe’s Warehouse

& was stored for 04 day in the buyer’s locker FREE of cost.

3. Ship Request

Buyer created a ship request to pack the items on March 20th, 2020, 09:03 AM IST.

The buyer chose the following additional options for packaging:

ServicesServices SelectedAmount
Express ProcessingYes₹200
Add additional packaging materialNo₹0
Add Gift NoteNo₹0
Add Gift WrapNo₹0
Remove Shoe BoxNo₹0
4. Payment Link Sent:

ShoppRe packed the products and sent the payment link to the buyer on March 20th, 2020, 11:10 AM IST.

Time Taken to Pack and send invoice to customer: 2 hour 7 minutes

5. Shipment weight Details:
5.1) Individual Item Actual Weight in Kg:
Number of ProductsContentTotal Weight
(Actual Weight)
(in Kg)
15Ladies Kurtis from Myntra India5.9 Kg
5.2) Weight Details:
Weight After Consolidation & Repackaging:
6 Kg
Total Actual Weight of the Items
5.9 Kg
Total Volumetric Weight of the Items
5.2 Kg

6. Shipping Cost:
6.1) Break-down of the Cost:
CostAmount (₹)
Consolidation & Repackaging Cost450
Photo Charges0
Express Processing Fee200
Gift Note0
Total Package Level Charges (A)₹650

Total Shipping Cost8208
Country Shipping Discount for Malaysia4104

Final Shipping Cost (B)₹4754

First Time Shipping Discount (C)0

FINAL COST (D) = (A) + (B) – (C)4897
6.2) Amount saved in this shipment:
Cost of individually shipping the Products:₹24,624
Cost of Shipping through ShoppRe Parcels₹4,104

% Saving83%
6.3) Discounts Received for the shipment:

Country Discount: ₹4,104

6.4) Customer made the payment:
Payment GatewayPercentageCharges
Credit/Debit Card3%₹142.62
7. Shipment dispatch details
ShoppRe handed over to CarrierMarch 21st, 2020, 05:49 PM IST
Dispatch from CarrierMarch 21st 2020, 09:04 PM
Delivered to Malaysia March 24th 2020, 12:18 PM
No: of Days for Delivery3 Days
Additional Customs Duty IncurredNo

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