Buy Imported Surgical Masks at Best Price in India & Ship to Tai Po

Who & Where

Ship imported masks to your place with ShoppRe’s international forward packaging service. Previously, a pack of Popcult’s surgical masks with filtration has been delivered to a customer in NT, Hong Kong just at the right time.

Imported face mask at Amazon India

The imported surgical masks from Popcult possess high filtration capacity with a non woven middle layer to filter bacteria. A single pack has 50 pieces. These are available for sale at Amazon. Place your order and ShoppRe will deliver it to you.

Product Detail:

Imported (Popcult) Brand Surgical
Face Mask With Filtration 3 Ply
(1 Box -50 Pcs)(White)
Amazon Mask

Shipment Weight :

Weight Parameters Value(In kg.)
Actual Weight2.4
Volumetric Weight4.4
Chargeable Weight4.4

Shipping Charges:

Sub-Total₹ 7412
Country Specific Discount₹ 3706
Consolidation Charges₹ 150
Packing level Charges₹ 350
Express processing charges₹ 200
Payment gateway charges₹ 121.68
Final Shipping Charges₹ 4178
Payment ModeRazor Pay
Destination AddressTai Po,
Hong Kong