Buy Divine Case 100% Cotton King Size Bedsheets Online in Amazon, India & Ship Worldwide With 20-Day Free Personal Locker

Cotton King Size Bedsheets Online in Amazon

See how ShoppRe’s Personal Shopper Assistant can help you with the purchase of Divine Case 100% Cotton King Size Bedsheets from Online Shopping

What was the customer looking to buy and which country did he want to ship to?

A customer from Canada wanted to buy three Divine Casa 100% King Size Bedsheets Online India from Amazon. Every bed needs grooming like one from Amazon’s Casa. The Divine Casa brand on Amazon offers pure cotton bedsheets for sale with more than 50% off. The designs are ethnic and fresh. Also, the product comes with two matching pillowcases.

But the customer cannot make the purchase directly from Amazon, India as the e-commerce site doesn’t support international payments. Thus the customer used Personal Shopper Service from ShoppRe for his international shopping from Canada. Additionally, Amazon International Shipping Rate for delivery by 5-9 business days costs Rs. 610 and Rs.205 per lb. With ShoppRe, you can save up to 80% on shipping costs.

Challenges faced by customers when shopping on Amazon?
– See details of Amazon International Delivery from India

How did ShoppRe help with buying King Size Bedsheets online from Amazon?
– Shopping Assistant Personal Shopper
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What are the charges?

For your Amazon Shopping, if you opt for Personal Shopper Assisted Purchase, a minimum fee of 7% or ₹200 ( whichever is higher ) is applicable as a service fee. Find the details of this order as below:

Total Item Cost₹2697
Personal Shopper Fee(7%) ₹200
Payment GateRazor Pay
Payment Gateway Charges(3%)₹86.91
Total Cost of the Order₹2983.91

Is this Purchase order inclusive of the shipping charges?

No, the shipment costs are separate and the shipment details can be read here. Check for the Shipping Rates here.