Buy Asian BLT-02 Grey Blue Gym Shoes Online Flipkart India. Ship Internationally at the lowest shipping rates

Asian BLT-02 Grey Blue Gym Shoes

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What was the customer looking to buy and which country did he want to ship to?

A customer from Australia wanted to buy Men’s Shoes online. He chose Flipkart and shipped Pexls 468 casual and AsianBLT-02 Gym shoes to him at the cheapest international shipping rate from India to Australia. The customer initially faced trouble with signing up and payment in Flipkart as he was an international customer. With ShoppRe’s Personal shopper, international shopping has been made easy. Choose your favourites, name them and get the order delivered to you within 3-6 days.

Challenges faced by customers when shopping on Flipkart?
– See details of Flipkart International Delivery from India

How did ShoppRe help with buying Shoes online from Flipkart?
– Shopping Assistant Personal Shopper
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What are the charges?

For your Flipkart Shopping, if you opt for Personal Shopper Assisted Purchase, a minimum fee of 7% or ₹200 ( whichever is higher ) is applicable as a service fee. Find the details of this order as below:

Total Item Cost₹1019
Personal Shopper Fee(7%) ₹200
Payment GatePayPal
Payment Gateway Charges(10%) ₹121.9
Total Cost of the Order₹1340.9

Is this Purchase order inclusive of the shipping charges?

No, the shipment costs are separate and the shipment details can be read here. Check for the Shipping Rates here.