Ship Apple iPhone 6s From Flipkart, India to the USA or Any Country at the Best Price!

Ship Apple iPhone 6s From Flipkart

See how ShoppRe’s Personal Shopper Assistant can help you with the International shipping & purchase of Apple iPhone 6s (Space Grey, 32 GB) from Flipkart India

What was the customer looking to buy and which country did he want to ship to?

Customer from the USA ordered Apple iPhone 6s (32 GB) and a Shockproof Back-Cover for mobile phone from Flipkart. The iPhone 6s specifications include 12/5 MP front and rear camera with an 11.94 cm HD display. However, the price of iPhone 6s in India 32 GB is not alarming and marked as ₹24,790.

The iPhone 6s is available at Apple Mobiles under the Mobile & Accessories section of Flipkart. To send a mobile phone to the USA, is when the customer had difficulty. He copied the link of Apple iPhone 6s Flipkart and the Karwan’s Black phone case and pinned it to ShoppRe’s international shopping order. The order has been delivered within 5 days safely to the customer.

Challenges faced by customers when shopping on Flipkart?
– See details of Flipkart International Shipping from India

How did ShoppRe help with buying iPhone 6s from Flipkart?
– Shopping Assistant Personal Shopper
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What are the charges?

For your Flipkart Online Shopping, if you opt for Personal Shopper Assisted Purchase, a minimum fee of 7% or ₹200 ( whichever is higher ) is applicable as a service fee. Find the details of this order as below:

Apple MobilesiPhone 6s (Space Grey, 32 GB)
Mobile AccessoriesBack Cover for Apple iPhone 6s
Total Item Cost₹24278
Personal Shopper Fee(7%) ₹1699
Payment GatePaypal
Payment Gateway Charges(3%)₹2597
Total Cost of the Order₹28574

Is this Purchase order inclusive of the international shipping cost?

No, the shipment costs are separate and the shipment details can be read here. Check for the Shipping Rates here.

Additional Information needed for shipping Electronics from India

Shipping Electronics from India to any part of the world attracts additional clearance charges. Find the details on shipping electronics internationally.