How to Ship Restricted Products?

Restricted Items are those items which are NOT allowed to be shipped out of India as per the Export laws. Here is a list of items which are restricted – <Click Here>

What should I do if I have already ordered a restricted item to my ShoppRe Locker?
Do not worry we have options for you.

  1. First thing is you can try to cancel the order with the seller before the item arrives at the ShoppRe address.
  2. If it has already arrived at ShoppRe – our team can assist you with the return of the product back to the Seller from whom you have purchased. The return request can be raised from the dashboard
  3. If the seller does not allow for a return you can either ship it to any Indian address (to your friends or relatives residing in India) or discard the item

Can you ship items marked as restricted on my dashboard Internationally?

No, we would not be able to ship Internationally as there are prohibited as per the export laws and would not clear the customs from India. However you can return it back to the seller, or ship it to your relatives/friends within India who can hand over to you later

Which are the restricted items?

Please see the details here: <Check the List here>

What if I have items other than restricted items in the Locker, can I ship them?

Absolutely, you can ship the other items. Please select the items which are not restricted and create a ship request separately for the same.