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FLIPKART International Shipping From India

Flipkart India - International Delivery

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Looking for the best shipping option that's from India?

Join our quest to be the #1 shipping & consolidation solution you can find, to assist with your shopping from say, Flipkart India

We’re a shipping & consolidation company that specializes in domestic & international logistic solutions. We handle over ₹1,000,000 worth of E-Commerce shipments and 2000 Courier pickup requests a month! A potential customer can shop from 1000+ desi/Indian online stores and, we ship those packages/couriers off to 220+ countries around the world. Our vision has always been to be of help to the Global Indian Community, and their need to shop authentic products from India, and help them ship it all in at a reasonable cost.

FlipKart, being the E-commerce giant that it is in India, has a lot of enthusisatic international shoppersall over the world. From electronics to kids' toys; Flipkart offers a wide range of products that the customers would just love to buy. But the problem begins when it comes to checking them out & shipping them in from India, at an affordable shipping cost. Will Flipkart Ship Internationally though? Well, the answer is, not as of now.

So, as far as you're concerned as a shopper, you'd have to look for alternative shipping options as Flipkart shipping internationally is at a moo point for the time being!

How are we your best choice?

Our streamlined set of Repackaging & Package Consolidation services, helps you cut down the shipping costs to 80% lesser!

All you have to do is;

  • Ship your purchases to the Virtual Address we provide for FREE,
  • Use our FREE unique personal locker to store them, and finally -
  • Pay the never-before-like shipping cost we charge and,
  • Your shipment will be on it's way to reach you in 3-6 days!

International Credit/Debit Cards Giving You Trouble?

No worries! Our Personal Shopper will swoop in & take care of it all for you!

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Here Are Some of Our Many Featured Services & Benefits

  • Personal Shipping Address
  • 20-Days Free Package Storage
  • Package Consolidation
  • Repackaging
  • Personal Shopper Service
  • Affordable Rates
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Scanned of your documents
  • Country-specific Discount
  • 3-6 days delivery
  • Photo Updates
  • Wallet Cashback
  • Package Return Services
  • International Courier Service
  • Product Recommendations

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How to Bag Your Favorites from Flipkart?

Step 1

Shop Flipkart Products

Purchase your favourite & brand products from Flipkart Indian online store & Set Cash on Delivery

Step 2

Pay & Receive

We will pay for your order and will receive your order at our ShoppRe Warehouse.

Step 3

Ship in @ 80% Less Cost

Save up to 80% in shipping costs as we wait around for 20 days for all your purchases to reach us - for FREE, and repackage & ship them to your doorsteps as one!

Step 4

Unbox Your Package

We'll dispatch your shipment within 24 hours of you making a request to ship, and it will reach you safe & sound within 3-6 days, no matter wherever in the world you are!

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