Essential Health Care Appliances For Every House

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Times are tough and we are in need of maintaining perfect health and hygiene more than ever. These health care appliances mentioned here can help you do that. A digital thermometer, weighing scale, stethoscope, BP machine, steamer, and IR thermometer are some of the few appliances that can help you maintain your health. You can easily check your temperature, weight, BP, and treat common colds with these handy gadgets.

Take a look at the 6 health care appliances:

Pulse Wave Mark -1 stethoscope:

A stethoscope is essential for a doctor. This Niscomed Pulse Wave Mark-1 Stethoscope is the best for you. It consists of a chest-piece, Y-shaped tube, binaural, and ear tips which are used for auscultation or listening to various sounds produced by the body. Click here to buy

Dr. Trust Waterproof Digital Thermometer 

Every house needs a thermometer in their first aid medical kit. Good quality ensures the correct temperature and health of your family members. Dr. Trust is an American brand that is trusted by many. This waterproof thermometer has a flexible soft tip that naturally fits under the tongue or underarm to measure temperature.  Click here to buy

Dr. Trust SmartHeart BP Machine 

Want a BP machine that could talk to you? Your wish is granted. The Dr. Trust smart heart BP machine comes with a large LCD display and it even reads it in Hindi and English. Now, you can stay on the pulse about your blood pressure levels and take the necessary measures required to get back on track with your health. It will make your health management easy and convenient.  Click here to view

HealthSense Medical Facial Steamer Inhaler

How many times has it happened that you or your child could not sleep due to cough and cold? It makes one restless and tired. The HealthSense facial inhaler vaporizer comes with the latest nanotechnology and it is completely safe for kids and adults alike. It clears nasal and sinus passages for ease of breathing and relieves cough, cold, allergies, and flu. Click here to view

Healthgenie Electronic Digital Weighing Machine

Keep your health in check with the Healthgenie electronic digital weighing machine. It features an asymmetrical design, a silver anti-skid platform, a toughened glass surface, curved edges for safety, and a large LCD display that shows weight, room temperature, and battery status. This little machine does a lot and helps you maintain your weight. Click here to buy

Vandelay Infrared Thermometer 

Vandelay infrared thermometer is a non-contact IR thermometer temperature gun that reads accurate temperature and avoids cross-infection. It is more accurate than regular thermometers and is more hygienic. It comes with an audible alert trigger when the temperature is high. The HD LED displays the numbers clearly to read. Click here to buy

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