What’s so Festive about Kerala?

Find out the best things to buy online, for the most famous festivals and events celebrated in Kerala.

Kerala festivals are more than Prayers

Being named as God’s own country, this place is the heaven on Earth. East or west, the places you turn to are filled with the magic and goodness of greenery. The festivals here indeed are colourful and no wonder this country has the best tourist visit numbers. A day of celebration begins with happiness, hearty prayer and tasty delicacies. Unlike most of the Indian festivals where the rituals end by the time you relax from an intense prayer, Kerala is where the worship combines with a bit of entertainment. 

During the well-known Festival Onam or the lesser-known Kerala village fair, you will get to experience the dances, boat races, and other interesting happenings. As a bonus point, each festival has its own story and history. So if you are a story lover or a history geek, you would be enthralled to know the Kerala folklores. The return of the demonic yet kind-hearted king Mahabali is what people of Kerala celebrate as Onam. And, when Lord Shiva transformed himself into Chandalan ( a low caste untouchable person ) to test a saint’s integrity, the dance festival known as Theyyam originated in Kerala. People from various regions of India combine and dance in costumes of deities.

Kerala Shopping Guide: What to Buy in Kerala ?

If you ever had visited this beautiful land during the time of festival, I’m sure you would have been overwhelmed by the attractions. And in case, you have forgotten to take a bit of Kerala with you, here’s the list of exotic products from God’s own country. On the other hand, if you are a native keralian missing your hometown,  then the fragrance of puttu and coconut milk would be more than any other comfort in this world. 

Sometimes, it’s about giving souvenirs to friends who keep on asking you about what Kerala feels like. And their questions “ What is Kerala famous food?”,  “What should I buy in Kerala?” need something more than answers. In any case, this guide post will help you spot the things that you could connect to Kerala and the famous festivals.

# Festive Decorations

Buy home decor online from Kerala. Listed below are the authentic Kerala products that will decorate your house with the nature of Kerala. Most of the decorations are handmade and crafted in a colourful way that your shelves and walls would be thankful for. 

  1. Nilavilakku
Collectible India Brass Diya

This traditional lamp is the first thing you witness on any auspicious occasion, predominantly at and Hindu Houses of Kerala. The lamp is lit in a belief to destroy the darkness (evil). The prayers begin with these lamps being lit. The structure of the lamp is rather unique and exquisite with remarkably ringed-pillar-like metal. “Nilavilakku” (the lamp on the land ) is usually made of bronze and is available in different sizes. Click here to view

  1. Elephant Artifact
Decorative Wooden Pair of Elephant Undercut Fine Saluting

This might not be new information for anyone. Kerala is known for elephant grooming, races, and worshiping. Oftentimes, the well-groomed elephants accompany the lord’s procession as a part of the ceremony. Of course, you may not be able to take the state’s animal to your home but there’s no better souvenir than the realistic elephant artifact. These are one of those Kerala handmade products that stand as one of the best things to take home from Kerala. The elephants are carefully carved out of wood and it’s your choice to have them plain or decorated. And, yes, you will be able to get them in various sizes from the online handicraft stores Kerala. View the product here

  1. Coconut Coir Products
Onlymat Coir Door Mats

Since the start, there is one important product that hasn’t taken a mention in this post. Yes, you are right. They are coconuts from Kerala, the Land of Coconuts. Keralites use every possible product from coconut. Hence the coirs and shells are not left out instead they are being turned into artifacts and home decors. From the husk of the coconut, fibre is extracted to make coir products. 

The coir doormats are popular and widely sold for their unique looks and long life and biodegradable composition. Unique looks are a result of the different fibre extraction methods, quality of the fibre. The price of coir mats varies accordingly. If you are fascinated by these, buy coir mats online to your doorstep. Check here

  1. Pookalam
Onam Special Sticker Combo Set Kerala Traditional Mahabali, Pookalam, Vallam Kali, Kadhakali Stickers

Pookalam (Kerala Rangoli) is the speciality of Onam. A decorative flower pattern is laid on the house front as a welcome sign. Flower petals of different colours are handpicked and used for the ‘floral carpet’. Jamanthi ( Chrysanthemum ) comes in different colours and hence can be used to fill several regions of Rangoli. For the brisk red, flower petals of hibiscus and red roses are chosen. Tulasi leaves are for adding the green in Rangoli. After the completion, a small white flower named Thumba is placed in the centre as a custom. You can try them at your home. 

If you have missed your time to handpick flowers beforehand, there are many e-stores that deliver fresh flower petals to your home. Also, you can Buy a pookalam kit online with design ideas and get creative. Otherwise, you can always buy pookalam stickers online. Click here to view

  1. Chundan Vallam (Snake Boat ) Models
Chundan Vallam (Snake Boat ) Models Kerala handicraft Rose wood snake boat with rowers

Kerala is famous for its traditional boat races. A ‘Chundan Vallam’ (snake boat) is used for the race. The boat replicas that are made of Anjili wood would be a great gift to your friends abroad. The specialty is that the stern of the boat resembles the hood of the snake Cobra. Buy Chundan Vallam boats online and get it delivered to you or your friend! View the product

  1. Kathakali Mask
culturalshoppe paper Pulp Wall Hanging Kathakali Mask

Perhaps, not purchasing Kathakali Mask after knowing Kerala should be treated as a sin. However, it was just my emphasis to show how important Kathakali is to Kerala. The state dance has obvious appreciation and audience. In fact, these green masks are a popular home decor item of Kerala households. Either home decor masks or kathakali fridge magnets, both would be the great souvenir from Kerala. Buy a kathakali mask online from Kerala and hang it on the wall. Else, if your refrigerator is a travel diary, collect kathakali fridge magnet online. Click here to view

  1. Mural Painting
Kerala Mural - Radha krishna

This is one of the ancient paints originated from Kerala. The walls of puranic temples and churches hold these visual arts that narrate the story of legends and mythology. It takes time and dedication to weave this art. If you are an art lover, this would be a valuable addition to your possession. These paintings are available at Handicraft shops or order them online from authentic mural art creators. View the product

  1. Nettipattom
Culturalshoppe Nettipattam Car Hanging with Lord Ganesha

‘Nettipatom’ is an elephant ornament for those special occasions. The stacking golden crescents in the frontline make Nettipattam more attractive. You can buy Nettipattom imitations for home decor or buy smaller replicas for car hanging decor. View the product

# Festive Self Grooming

  1. Kasavu & Mundu Set
Buy Set Mundu Online Kasavukada Online

An added excitement about festivals is the happiness of wearing new dresses. Kasavu & Mundu set is the traditional wear of Keralians. During special occasions, women wear Kasavu sarees and Men wear Mundu shirts. The traditional saree involves beige-white background and patterns of gold & copper ‘jari’ (border) whereas the men’s wear is a shirt and mundu ( beige-white garment with gold border). Nearing the festival season, clothes shopping in Kerala is not an easy business. If you have missed your chance, buy kasavu & mundu sets online and enjoy Kerala garments.View the product

  1. Kerala Jewellery
onam Traditional Kerala Jewellery

Giant jhumkas catch your attention and heart at first sight. Kerala has their own way of mastering jewelry craft innovatively. The brides of Kerala wear layers of gold ornaments on their special day. Kaashu Mala ( overlapping coins) is the most common traditional gold jewel worn during auspicious events. Palakka Mala trails back to the period of Dwapara Yuga of Lord Krishna. The jewel is an artistic product of red, blue, or green gemstones. 

There are other traditional necklaces namely Pathakam (Long chain with Pendant), Nagapada Thali (Cobra-hood necklace), Manga Malla (Mango Chains), Mulla Mottu Mala (Jasmine buds ornament )and so on. Most of these ornaments project overlapping patterns or equidistant designs. Order Kerala Jewelry Online for your next occasion. 

All types of artificial jewelry available online nowadays. You can buy from India and get it to your doorstep. Click here to buy

  1. Amadapetti
Kerala Special Rosewood Amadapetti

And after the special day, where do the ornaments go? To hold Kerala’s head to toe jewel there’s a special jewel box named as Amadapetti. This is a handcrafted wooden Jewel box. Buy Amadapetti online and keep your gold safe. Check this here

  1. Aroma oils & Handmade Soaps
Aroma oils Handmade Soaps

Best practices of Ayurveda have a home called Kerala. The essential aroma oils are for healthy skin and irresistible fragrance. The application of aromatic oil soothes and calms your mind. Buy Aromatic oils online and restore the youth and happiness. The ayurvedic handmade soaps are also widely popular in Kerala. If you are not a great fan of aromatic oils, buy handmade soaps online from Kerala. Check here

  1. Sandalwood Powder
Kerala Naturals Ayurvedic Natural Red Sandalwood Powder

For those festive occasions, sandalwood powder is essential in Kerala. The usage of sandalwood has many reasons. One of which is that people treat this as sacred and often wear this on their forehead after worshiping. The sandalwood powder has a nice aroma and has good benefits to your skin. Buy sandalwood powder online and see it for yourself. Click here to buy

# Festive Food

The Kerala festival food involves nutritious coconut and aromatic spices. The onam leaf holds ‘Sandhya’, a feast with rice, olan, papadam, kichadi, aviyal, paysam and many more. Being surrounded by the Arabic sea and Indian Ocean, the place owns the best seafood. Take a peek at the list of famous foods in Kerala.

  1. Kochi Spices
ginger, pepper, cloves

Kochi market for spices is one of the popular shopping spots in Kerala. Lined up with dealers and customers, the atmosphere there is busy. The aromatic spices with robust flavours and colours entice tourists every hour. Hand picked ginger, pepper, cloves, etc are found on the array of wooden baskets alongside the street. Though you don’t have kochi’s market next door, you can buy pure kerala spices online. Buy now

  1. Branded Puttu Powder
Double Horse Puttu Podi White, 1kg

Puttu is a famous food of Kerala. The delightful delicacy served with coconut milk can be a good dish for special occasions and for those happy evenings. Kins, Ponkathir and Ramlas are some of the famous steamed puttu brands in Kerala. Buy branded puttu powder online; steam it and serve it hot at your home. Check here

  1. Branded Banana Chips
kerala Branded Banana Chips

If you think it’s all about french fries and potato chips, you are missing out on this great lifetime snack. With Kerala’s banana wealth, the chips taste better than any other state. Crimz, Kappo, Agricana are some of the branded banana chips available in Kerala. Buy branded Kerala banana chips online and munch into the wholesome. Click here to buy

  1. Achar
Double Horse Tender Mango Pickle, 500 g

Pickle from Kerala is named as Achar. Though pickle is a common Indian food, the Achar from Kerala is made in a distinct way to give a memorable flavor. Especially the Erachi achar, the marinated seafood pickle is a lip-smacking choice from Kerala. Nirapara, Double Horse are some of the famous pickle brands enjoyed by Kerala families for years. There are both vegetarian and nonvegetarian varieties available in Kerala’s Achar. The sambar and curd rice served with a little amount of tangy-spicy achar will make your lunch. If you are a pickle lover, get achar online to your home. Buy now

  1. Idukki Tea Powder
Tata Kannan Devan Tea Pouch  (250 g)

Where there is Tea, there is happiness. Idukki is Kerala’s district which has plenty of tea plantations. And this is a well-known fact that south Indians are teaholics. A bag of pure tea powder from Kerala will be a warm present to your ‘teaholic’ friends out there. Tea powder price in Kerala typically lies around Rs.85 per ¼ kg. Buy Idukki tea powder online from anywhere. Brew a cup of fresh tea that feels like Kerala and indulge in the taste of hot sips during those rainy days. Click here To buy

  1. Branded Kerala Fish/Prawn Masala
Eastern Fish Masala  (100 g)

As mentioned earlier, Kerala is known for the best seafood resources. For some Malayalis, the 10th day of Onam, can’t be festive without including meat in the Sadya meal. The Kerala fish masala has a nice blend of garlic, red chili powder, cloves, turmeric, and cinnamon. Include the robustness while you cook with the aromatic seafood masala from Kerala. Buy Kerala fish masala online and get lost in the lavishness. View this product

But, what if Kerala products are not available to you? 

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So, have you decided what to buy from Kerala yet?