Buy 2 Ply Surgical Mask From Amazon and ship it to Hong Kong

From Amazon to all the way to Hong kong

With the effects of coronavirus, the surgical masks are running out of supply. And at this point, surgical face masks are at the topmost priority. This Vivan’s 2 Ply surgical face mask from Amazon has good ratings and just serves right. Of course, you can ship them to your country even if Amazon doesn’t provide delivery at your place. Amazon India shopping is now made easy for people abroad.

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Vivan’s 2 ply face mask: Now available at Amazon

Amazon is known for its cheaper yet better products. This Vivan’s 2 ply surgical face Mask Amazon India is designed for your comfort and easy use. The package contains 100 single-use 2 ply face masks. Go Amazon India Shopping with ShoppRe. Place your order and get it delivered within 3-6 days.

Product Detail:

Product NameProduct Link
Vivan surgical Face Mask
Disposable 2 Ply

Shipment Weight :

Weight Parameters Value(In kg.)
Actual Weight3.2
Volumetric Weight5.8
Chargeable Weight5.8

Shipping Charges:

Parameters Value
Sub-Total₹ 4924
Country Specific Discount₹ 2462
Consolidation Charges₹ 50
Package Level Charges₹ 90
Final Shipping Charges₹ 2629
Payment ModeDebit Card
Destination AddressTuen Mun, NT, Hong Kong